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Sep 30 2010

This is a question I not only often get asked but also ask myself from time-to-time!


Blogging is one of those things that people suggest you should be doing but they never usually tell you why or what the benefits are. It may be a low-cost method of marketing but it’s also very time consuming so it requires a commitment from you to keep it up-to-date with relevant, interesting information for your customers on a regular basis.


So what’s the point and what are the actual benefits to your business?


The truth is there are many benefits but I think it actually boils down to 3 major reasons that make it all worthwhile:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All website design, web development and internet marketing experts will tell you that search engines such as Google like to see lots of text content, dynamic (constantly changing and updated) content and quality websites linking to you on your website.


A blog achieves all 3 of these things:


If you regularly update your blog then it’s an easy way of constantly changing and adding to your site, which will push you up the rankings.


Also, by regularly updating your blog you are adding to the text content that is on your website and, because you are providing users with interesting and relevant information relating to your line of work, it will increase the visibility of your website when people are searching for key terms relating to your industry. In addition, because of the nature of your articles and the rich text content included within each of your posts, you are actually optimising your site for ‘the longtail’ meaning you are more likely to be found for a huge amount of differing search terms (see article here for more info). For example, if you are an IT services company, think of how many different terms relating to IT you will contain in just one post. This will all help you be found when people are searching for these terms online.


Good blogging is all about providing interesting information and insight into your area of expertise (your line of business). By providing truly insightful information, you are increasing the amount of other websites that link to you. Think about what you do when you read an interesting article. Many share it online and if people share your article then they will link to you, therefore increasing your search rankings.


Brand Building/Positioning

Good blogging is actually a great way of positioning yourself and your company as an expert in the field. At Brinn Marketing our expert field is marketing (obviously!) and we use our blog to provide interesting tips, insight and information to our readers. Does that mean you’re all going to become a new client tomorrow? No it doesn’t but if we’re providing useful insight for your business I’d be willing to bet you’ll engage with us next time you’re looking to work with an outsourced marketing company or provide a recommendation if you know someone that is.  So in that sense blogging is a great public relations tool.


Also, there’s nothing better than when you go onto a company’s website to find that they have loads of free tips and information for you to use without any obligation. It’s a great way of demonstrating the expertise and knowledge within your business that could be of benefit to the user if they were to work with you. So it actually has a big effect on brand positioning and perception as well.


Word-of-Mouth/Viral Marketing

Why did I choose to title this article 'What’s the Point of Blogging?'


The reason is because it’s a question that I’ve been asked many times so I know lots of people are interested in the topic and I know the title will engage interest enough to make people want to click on it and read more. Blogs that provide information that people want to know about tend to spread both virally through online social networks and through word-of mouth.


Wordtracker (an SEO software company) are a great example of this - they blog a huge amount about all the elements of SEO, providing tips on how to make SEO work to your advantage.  I have seen countless people on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn sharing links to the Wordtracker blog and they are now seen as THE  experts in SEO.


So if you provide the right kind of information on your blog you’ll actually find that others will pass the information on for you.


Get blogging then!


P.S. Hitting the right tone and knowing what to blog about and what not to blog about are whole topics in their own right – so you know what my next blog post will be about then!

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