You have the tools

First things first: there are no secrets when it comes to good marketing. All of the tools, tips and tricks you need to build a successful marketing function for your business can be found (for free) on the pages of this website.

Of course knowledge is one thing; having the time, motivation and inclination to put it into practice can be another. That's where we come in. Brinn Marketing works with smart, forward-thinking business owners who've decided to share their vision with us so that we can deliver a marketing plan to make it happen.

How it works

We provide the services of a full web and marketing department to growing businesses that don't have one. We partner with fast-growing SMEs who rely on us to devise and deliver every element of their marketing strategy. For each of our customers we:

  • Strategy

    Research and devise an actionable marketing strategy

  • Branding

    Create, design and manage your brands

  • Design & Develop

    Design, develop, update and support your web presence

  • Promote

    Build, deliver and report on all online and offline promotional activities

  • Gavin McMurray, Merson Group

    “We have worked with Brinn Marketing for over 5 years and I have always found their creative approach and excellent understanding of online marketing a huge asset. They add real value to any project they are a part of and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a marketing partner that really understands their business.”

  • Simon McMillan, McMillan Furniture

    “The team at Brinn were able to quickly understand our business and develop a comprehensive and robust marketing strategy to fit our needs. They are now driving our strategy forward in a highly productive and effective way.”

  • Becky White, Becky White PR

    “The team at Brinn are friendly, approachable, and most importantly, some of the most knowledgable in the business. They have designed and built us two websites that not only look beautiful, but have increased engagement and enquiries. Brinn Marketing are also our go-to gurus for all things SEO and we frequently recommend their online marketing services to our own clients.”

Is this for me?

At Brinn, we cannot be all things to all people. Over the years we've found that we work best with business owners that meet most or all of the criteria below.

  • Adaptable

    You are an adaptable business owner with real drive and a vision to push your business forward

  • Open-minded

    You are open-minded and ready to make bold changes for the long-term benefit of your business

  • Bottom line

    You are a believer in the benefits effective marketing can bring to your bottom line and are ready to commit the investment required to make this happen

  • Turnover

    You run an established business with a turnover of between £800k - 30million or are a well-funded start-up with previous experience of trading successfully

Finally, and most importantly, you are actively seeking a solution for how to build a marketing function for your business (for instance you may be looking at options such as employing marketing personnel or engaging with a provider like Brinn)

Does this sound like you? If so keep reading.


  • True specialists

    Marketing is now a huge field of expertise and one person simply can't be a specialist at everything. Working with a full marketing team means access to highly specific and specialist skills for every area of your strategy.

  • Devise and deliver

    Because of the point above, often a marketing employee is able to do little more than develop a strategy and then outsource all of the different elements to specialist marketing providers such as design agencies, web developers and SEO companies. Because we both devise and deliver the marketing strategy, we combine the costs of the employee and additional outsourcing costs into one fixed monthly payment. This represents a significant cost saving for our customers.

  • Reduced cost

    Employing a full-time member of staff is a big commitment and incurs additional costs over and above the salary alone (including National Insurance and pension contributions, equipment and software costs and much more). Our service removes the need for any of these costs and is a flexible and uncomplicated agreement.

Ready to get started? Take the first step towards better marketing.