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Video killed the internet star... Well sort of

Video marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

What's interesting though is that most businesses still don't make use of online video as part of their internet marketing strategy, which is a shame because it's a great, cost-effective way to really make any business stand out.

We excel at providing viral, informational, corporate, and SEO-friendly online videos. Find out how you could increase traffic, build trust and credibility and win new business with video marketing services from Brinn Marketing.


Grow your business with managed online marketing.


Creative marketing solutions that make your business stand out.


Delivering strategic marketing services that increase your sales.


Revolutionise your business with Brinn Marketing outsourcing and support.

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We believe that marketing is everything…

The best way to show you why video marketing online is such a powerful tool is to show you how we use it ourselves.

Video marketing plays a central part in our marketing efforts. We film our clients talking about their businesses and why they like working with us. As customer testimonials go they're much more interesting than a couple of sentences pasted onto our homepage, they give a huge amount more insight and they build trust and credibility around our brand. But we don't just paste them onto our homepage and leave it at that, they play a vital part in our social media marketing and even help our search engine ranking!

How could your business use online video marketing to increase traffic and engage potential customers?

Meet Shackman

Say hi to ShackMan - the slightly out-of-shape recruitment superhero!

We used this viral marketing video combined with a creative social media marketing campaign to drive traffic and dramatically increase subscriptions to our clients recruitment website.

"Viral marketing is all about creating messages that spread fast and at Brinn Marketing we use our creative marketing ability, video production experience and social media knowledge to create viral video campaigns that create a real buzz around your business."